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Smile at Struggle: Baby Truett's Update

If you've kept up with my personal Facebook or Instagram profiles, you likely know that my family has been dealing with a little struggle lately.

If not, I've created a short timeline below to fill you in.

April 5th

Last Wednesday, I asked y'all to send up a prayer for my wife and unborn son.

April 6th

I sent out an update the next day, asking for some help.

"Hey Friends! Yesterday, I asked you all to pray for Lauren and Truett.

While Lauren and I tend to be very private people, here's some more detail on the situation from yesterday. My sole reasoning for the update is to enroll you in sharing this with a friend so we can gather more prayer around the situation.

Lauren is 21 weeks pregnant, and yesterday, at 7:45am, her water broke. Sometimes, these things happen, and they are slow leaks. Lauren's was a severe rupture.

We rushed to the hospital with the assumption that she was going to be going into labor and giving a still birth to our son.

A baby under 22 weeks will not survive birth, and the doctors are not able to resuscitate them. The chances of survival are less than 5%, and the chances for fatal -- or severely-life-damaging -- problems is incredibly likely.

We had a couple surprises though. Lauren did not go into labor, and after hours of anxious and very emotional waiting, Truett's heartbeat continued to beat strong.

On one side of things, this gives us hope. However, on the other hand, there are a lot of things to consider. Regardless of the outcome, we have not seen the hardest part of this road, yet.

At the moment, there is very little we can do other than be patient and keep Mama resting. We are making every decision as it becomes necessary and allowing God to do his work.

Lauren and I are both aware that when you ask God for strength, wisdom and courage on a daily basis, those things don't always come in beautiful ways.

Many of you have reached out to offer help and support without even knowing the details, and that says a lot about how incredible you are.

Lauren and I have always been believers that we must ask God to receive His answers, and the brilliance in those replies is always astonishing. With that, we will take all the prayer we can get. That's the best way you can help, today!

So, if you would, add Lauren and Truett to your prayers.

Again, thank you so much for your love and willingness to spend a moment thinking about this.

Much love to everyone!

P.S. We do not need "I'm so sorry..." or "That's so tough". Statements like those are nothing other than social courtesies, and manners don't create results. Instead, I'm asking for action. This post is simply to get one more set of hands folded together to ask God to use Lauren, Truett and me for His will -- whatever that may be.


April 8th

"Currently, until something happens, Lauren is resting and listening to her body. We left the hospital the same day everything happened. That was the best decision — given the circumstances — for Lauren and Truett’s overall health and mentality (hospitals are for sick people).

Truett is kicking and moving, and he’s been speaking to us as we talk and sing to him. Last night, we turned on some 90’s country, and he was dancing as we sang some old classics.

Today, Mama is getting some much-needed sunshine and reading while Emmie is running around the front yard, picking flowers.

God has a way of reminding us what’s important and ensuring we are available to experience what he’s asking us to see and feel. Lauren and I spoke at length last night about how grateful we are for this opportunity — regardless of the outcome.

In the spirit of reality, Lauren and I are selfless about what may or may not happen. While we hope for a specific result, we’re not oblivious to the tribulation that may lie ahead, and if it’s to come, we’re grateful for the chance to grow.

We will move forward from this time with new perspective, more love and appreciation for the life we have ahead.

In business, I often remind people that just because one deal doesn’t work out doesn’t mean the entire industry or strategy should be labeled as ineffective. If you’re intelligent, strong and internally-driven, you’ll see that same deal as a learning experience that will go on to great exponential success.

This is no different.

Tragedy is scary, but for most, success is too. Right now, our target is 23 weeks. If he keeps steady, it becomes 25, and then 28, at which the percentages of survival with no complications range 95%+.

Your prayers are working. We love y’all, and we appreciate the support!

God wins. We win… No matter what.

April 11th: Most Current Update

Yesterday, we saw our MFM (Maternal-fetal Medicine) doctor. She is also the woman that does our ultrasounds, and we got some good news.

When we were in the hospital on Wednesday of last week, Lauren had lost most of her amniotic fluid. A normal range should be above 10cm, and she lost all but 1.9cm, meaning Truett likely did not have enough fluid in there to continue developing his lungs.

However, when her water broke, it forced his head down, and by the grace of God, right now, it's positioned perfectly to act as a bath-stop. When we did the ultrasound yesterday, the MFM doctor was able to confirm that he now has 5.7cm of amniotic fluid.

This is a HUGE win. It means that the coupling of Lauren's water intake and where he's positioned has been helping him create more fluid.

To give some clarity, the biggest concern for babies this young is their lung development. Even if he were to survive birth, he'd likely die pretty quickly due to his lungs not being developed enough to handle the outside air. As babies swallow the fluid and pee it out, they continue to develop and strengthen their lungs and other organs. Assuming Mom is drinking plenty of water, they will also make more fluid, and in this case Truett is getting 2-3 gallons / day to work with.

You can see how the flywheel works. Great job, Mama!

Truett hit 22 weeks yesterday, so we're not out of the woodworks yet. Lauren and I have drawn some lines in the sand about when we will give him a shot at survival.

It's not an easy thing to think about, and there are a lot of things to consider beyond our selfish wants as parents. This is reality, though, and it's important to be able to face it with decisiveness.

Currently, Truett is showing he's ready to work for this -- as I'd expect any of my children to do. He and I have already had several conversations about expectations: if he makes it, it's likely going to be with a few bumps and bruises, and he better not think he's going to get it easy just because of that.

Lauren is doing great. She's working her tail off to do basically nothing, which -- in my opinion -- is the most excruciating part of this whole thing. Normally, she's incredibly active, so not being able to bend, lift or really do much more than walk to the bathroom has been tough.

It's also been tough on Emmie. Her and Lauren do so much together, so she's definitely confused about why Mom won't pick her up or play with her, but as always, these things happen for a reason.

Growth comes from tough stuff, and to think any of this is "tough" is a first-world luxury we have of living where we do, in the time we're in. All over the world, this stuff happens every day without a second thought from any of us.

The Stevens are not special. We don't deserve any more love or support than those who lose their kids when they could've been saved. We're just lucky God placed us here and now, so we at least have a shot.

That's why we look at all of this -- regardless of the outcome -- as a chance to grow. Lauren will become a stronger, more confident and selfless woman and mom. Emmie is learning independence and compassion, and I will be forced to lead my family through the tribulation that awaits, making me a better leader, father and husband.

Friends, when your coach is undefeated, you don't fire him; you give him a raise. God is calling the plays, and we're executing, right now. Thank you for all your love, prayers and thoughts.

Keep loving, praying and thinking because we will take it all. God wins. #PrayforTruett

Love y'all!


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